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Dec. 13th, 2011


Reacquaintance with Food Blog

After discovering Yelp.com, I have long since stopped blogging here, but I feel that after reading so many yelp reviews, I have realized that keeping a separate blog allows me a sanity from the cult-like nature of yelpers and yelp itself. Do not mistake my feeble attempt at livejournaling again for a hault in my yelp love. I will continue to yelp and at times will copy and paste here to there and there to here, but I do not even know if anybody will read this blog in the future, yet the small feeling that there maybe a smaller cosmos out there which will feed off of my thoughts is evermost exciting and thrilling.

Hello, again! I am excited to re-petal food. I navigate through many cities and have eaten at so many places. Some times, it's nice to just gulp down a drink and chow down on a burger without remembering what it looked like because that ravaging starvation allows for a passionate hunger that then leads to a fulfilling moment of stuffing myself like a pig and enjoying every second of it, until I feel the satisfaction of fullness and realize that the food couldn't have been so bad, and might have actually been pretty good!

I don't know how long my blog-writing will last, but I'm going to keep trying before I go off to another website with a different writing rampage.

Mar. 24th, 2009


Moshi Moshi

Yaki Udon: Pan-fried udon noodles with chicken, slithers of carrots, white onions, and bean sprouts mixed with a light brown peanuty sauce comes out steaming hot. Noodles are soft yet chewy and meat is a bit overdone, but in general everything combines for a great taste.

Sushi Boat for Two: Different kinds of fresh seafood including salmon, yellowtail, tuna, octopus, and an assortment of nigiri sushi along with fresh white ginger to clear one's palate provide for an appetizing meal.

Fish is not chilled in as cold of a temperature as I would like, but nonetheless the fish is chilled thoroughly. Slicing is average. Pieces aren't expertly thin and not cut purposely to expose more flavor of the fish, but cuts are still great.

2.5 petals out of 4

Mar. 11th, 2009


Cheeseburger Baby

1/2 lb. Cheeseburger with mushrooms, fries, washed down by a fountain soda were simple but great products from Cheeseburger baby.

Their buns are perfect-looking and perfect-tasting. Burgers are cooked right on the grill in an open kitchen. You can add whatever toppings you want and I decided on mushrooms.

Fries are fat slices of potato with some salt and seasoning. I have not tried everything else there, but so far so good.

I rate them 3.5/4 petals.

Mar. 2nd, 2009


8 oz.

House Salad: Iceberg lettuce, carrots, red onions, cucumbers, and white balsamic vinaigrette; this salad is very basic and I would want some other kind of lettuce, but nonetheless it's all about the dressing. They have four different dressings: White balsamic, Ranch, 1000 Island, and Bleu Cheese.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich: Grilled Panini bread with chicken; It's not particularly good, but not particularly bad. The chicken is sliced after having been grilled, and the bread is grilled separately. It's nothing particularly appetizing, but it is not bad.

Grilled Tuna Melt: Grilled Panini bread with poached tuna and melted cheese goes for a really great tasting lunch or dinner. Sandwiches come out cut diagonally in half. The sauce is slightly salty yet very tasty and delicious.

Short Rib Grilled Cheese Sandwich: This is delightful. The short rib is similar to pastrami with strips of meat in the middle and some wonderful cheese over the grilled panini bread. This is my favorite of the three sandwiches.

8 oz. Burger: The beef patty is fresh and organic meat. One can taste the beef and not the aftertaste that a bad choice of meat can leave some times. The 8 oz. special sauce is really yummy. It is ketchup, mustard, and mayonaisse mixed with some of their special ingredients. The burger is made to order and can take 10-15 minutes, so if you're in a rush, just order some sides.

Kennebec Fries: These are seasoned fries, medium size, a bit thicker than the regular fast food fries, although it may be an insult to compare the two. These fries come out golden brown, crispy, and the seasoning is right on point.

Chocolate Shake: WOW! A must try... their hand-scooped ice-cream mixed to a consistency that is barely slurpable through the straw makes the shake a fun and very exciting treat. (You can also add a shot of kahlua or Bailey's for an adult shake) They also have the two other classic flavors: Vanilla and Strawberry.

Vanilla Cupcake: They're really tiny, but big in taste! They make you want to go back for more. The cake is slightly moist and the frosting is not too sweet but just right. People'll be able to pop three or four in their mouth like nothing.

Their bar: They make many in-house drinks that aren't made elsewhere and have many bottled beers including micros and light beers.

I am going to give them another chance to be reviewed in the near future, when I feel that they have settled down. They have only been open for three weeks and I feel that they are still trying to figure things out with the way the kitchen is going to handle the demand of food.

Overall: 2.5 out of 4 petals. They were good. They could be even better. I cannot wait to go back and try their shakes again!

Feb. 26th, 2009


Philippe, Gansevoort@South Miami, FL

Chicken Satay, Chicken Lettuce Wrap, Peking Duck, Peking Chicken, Pork Soup Dumplings, Vegetable Fried Rice, Glazed Spare Ribs, Scallion Pancakes, Green Prawns, and Chilean Sea Bass were all very popular dishes at Philippe. Other dishes tasted include Crispy Beef, crispy duck, won tons, and all desserts.

Chicken Satay comes with a peanut sauce that is rich and creamy. The chicken is orange because of the tomato extract that it is marinated in. Chicken Lettuce Wrap is good, but don't order the Shrimp Lettuce Wrap because they dice up the shrimp so small that you don't really get to taste the texture of the shrimp.

Peking Duck is truly regal. It has won so many awards and for great reason. They don't have a convection oven, so if several of them go in at the same time, the consistency is not the same, however, the duck is oven roasted for forty-five minutes, comes out a dark golden brown with the juices dripping off the slightly intact skin. It is carved table-side and generally pretty yummy. It comes with some tortilla-looking "pancakes" that you slather plum sauce on and some slithers of scallions and cucumbers are on the side and can be added for a spiced taste.

Peking Chicken takes about 30-45 minutes and is fried, not oven roasted. It is served the same way the peking duck is served, but I would say the duck definitely tastes better and is healthier because it is not fried.

Pork Soup Dumplings along with all other dumplings were a bit disappointing because although they are handmade, it really is hit or miss. The broth inside the dumpling doesn't taste particularly appetizing, however, it is amazing that the dumplings go in the steamer without liquid and come out with broth inside. The crabmeat soup dumplings and pork soup dumplings taste very similar because the crabmeat dumplings also have pork in them. Dumpling sauce is a side of vinaigrette and comes with ginger if you order pork to kill some of the porky taste.

Vegetable Fried Rice is well done. The rice comes out in individual grains and is fluffy and light. My only complaint here is that the portion of rice is so small! The vegetables are mixed in well. They also offer shrimp, pork, and chicken fried rice. I'm sure they're all just as good.

Glazed Spare Ribs: "Spare" me for not going in order of appetizers to entrees, but I'm random like that some times. The spare ribs are slathered with a honey barbecue sauce and carbohydrate count is high, but worth it.

Scallion Pancakes: These are plain pancakes, fried with a doughy consistency and have scallions in them. It's nothing special, but not bad either.

Green Prawns... These are sensational. I don't think I've eaten better stir-fried shrimp than these delectable green prawns. Jumbo prawns are cut in half, marinated in spinach puree overnight and stir-fried with vegetables. The light sauce is salty, but not too salty and the green color just makes you wonder! It's a must-try.

Chilean Sea Bass is good because it comes with two fillets of fish, one side with brown sauce, and another side with garlic sauce. It's not exceptional, but not bad either. If you like wine sauces, try their Drunken Sea Bass.

The Crispy Beef can be disappointing for people who want meaty dishes. The crispy beef is very crispy in texture and very sweet. Carbohydrates are high but worth it for those of you who can get through the toughness of this meat. Not everyone likes such a hard chewy texture. I enjoyed it, but I still have the teeth for it. I'm trying to be nice.

The crispy duck comes presented like the peking duck and peking chicken, but is not as succulent as the ovenroasted peking duck. It still tastes great, but I like duck a lot.

Won tons are ehh... well... could be better. The won ton wrapper is good, but the won ton meat is not consistent.

Desserts: all desserts are exceptional: the creme brulee, caramelized key lime pie, blueberry cake with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream, the triple chocolate fudge torte, the red velvet cake with cream and strawberries, the peanut butter chocolate torte with a graham cracker bottom, and the coconut flan with some plantains are all exceptional. Keith Freiman is the pastry chef, I believe, and he is on point!  They also have a selection of sorbets and ice cream that are made from scratch and I haven't tasted them all, but the vanilla ice cream and red grape sorbet were good.

I tried many more dishes than what was listed here because I have had the liberty to try so many things, and although things do taste great, the price tag is a whee bit high for the quality. However, rating food alone without considering the price tag, I would rate Philippe as 3/4 petals.

Mr. Chow's will be opening next to Philippe soon, in the spring. Might I try it and compare the two? I might... watch out for the petaler.

Nov. 20th, 2008


Roy's, Naples, FL

Shrimp coctail, short rib ragoons with marscapone cheese, short ribs, lobster potstickers, mahi mahi, fillet mignon (part of the Surf and Turf dish), asian style seared sirloin steak with peppercorn sauce, topped off with a souffle and vanilla ice cream allowed me to sample much of the menu at Roy's. Everything was really delicious with sauces bringing out the flavors of the natural ingredients even more than usual. Lemonade was yummy.

There were many different textures that blended well together. Everything was so wonderful and as much as I would like to extend this review, it was just really enjoyable. Everything was hot, smelled great, looked great, and tasted great. It was mouth-watering. Elements of crispy and smooth and crunchy and soft blended well.

Roy's impresses my taste buds, blooming them with 3.5 out of 4 petals.

Nov. 13th, 2008


Akbar's Indian Restaurant

Beef curry, chicken tandoori, naan, garlic naan, long grain rice pilafs, and tiny two/three-seaters with little blown-glass lamps swinging over each table make this little restaurant a very lively place to eat at. Try not sitting at the ends of the restaurants unless you don't mind slower service, as they do not have designated servers to a certain section. Busboys double as food runners and cannot help you order, but when you do get to ordering, the food is certainly worth the wait.

Everything comes out of the kitchen with steam and made to order. The curry is filled with many different spices. The cheesecake was delightful with a pumpkin crust. Mango lassi tasted fresh, the rice was done perfectly well (not too dry, not too moist), and there was an assortment of spices to accompany all the naan you could choose from. The chicken tandoori is not extraordinarily good, but still very tasty.

Akbar's buds my tasty palate with: 3 out of 4 petals

Nov. 10th, 2008



Everything I'll be rating is from 0-4 petals with the rare occurrence of half petals. I rate food by texture, taste, and appearance. This is solely my own opinion and does not reflect other people's opinions of the restaurants that will be reviewed here. I have been in different parts of the country and have decided that I should start jotting down all of my food experiences. I call myself the petaler (not to be mixed up with peddler) because I like to leave an actual rating at the restaurant before I exit by folding my napkin into a flower and depending on how many petals are up, that's how many petals I give the restaurant.

Some restaurants that I have visited and will soon be leaving ratings for are:
Akbar's Indian Restaurant, Pasadena, CA
Croce's, San Diego, CA
El Cristo Restaurant, Miami, FL
La Vie, Rosemead, CA
Le Cirque, New York, NY
Lotus of Siam, Las Vegas, NV
Nobu 57, New York, NY
Opia, New York, NY
Pasha's, Miami, FL
Social House, Las Vegas, NV
Sona, West Hollywood, CA
Zankou's Chicken, Pasadena, CA

Some restaurants will not even go on my radar for rating because I will have tasted the food and found it to be horrible to rate or even think about comparing to other places.